Gain 28%
( 172 )

Protein: 28%

Gain Greyhound 28% is extremely palatable, due to its unquie combination of ingredients and it's chicken fat flavour. High in protein with 28%. Perfect for working / racing dogs.

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Gain 20%
( 173 )

Protein: 20%

Gain Greyhound 20% is extremely palatable due to its unquie combination of ingredients and its chicken fat flavour. Perfect for resting dogs or part of home mix for racing dogs.

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Gain Retired & Maintenance
( 174 )

A precise balance of meat and vegetable proteins, together with the desired fat and energy content, are included to help maintain optimal body weight in older dogs.

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( 175 )

Contains premium quality chicken, fish, rice, corn and selected vegetables.

Performance through research.

Featuring Glutamine 250mg/kg

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Red Mills Racer
( 176 )

Red Mills Racer is a high performance feed designed to meet the needs of pups, saplings, stud dogs, brood bitches and racing dogs in training.

Red Mills Racer has contributed to the success of numerous classic winners.

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Gain Puppy & Sapling
( 178 )

Gain Puppy and Sapling is a complete diet, formulated specifically for growing greyhounds, pregnant and lactating bitches.

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